• Football/Rugby/Gaelic Football

    football pitchThe majority of football pitches are now third generation (3G).

    To reach the performance standards of Football (FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star), or Rugby (in particular the Head Injury Criteria of “IRB 22”) or the demanding standards of Gaelic Football the surface must be 3G.

    FIFA 1 Star football pitches have been project managed, amongst others, at:

    Pitches reaching both FIFA 1 Star and the Rugby standards have been installed at:

    An interesting pitch resurface in Omagh, Northern Ireland was designed and managed to reach FIFA 1 Star, the IRB 22 standards as well as Gaelic Football standards. A ‘throwback’ mineral bound athletics track was also resurfaced.

    More versatility can be achieved with sand filled or sand dressed pitches. A number of sand filled pitches include pitches in Bury, Lancashire and for Northamptonshire County Council.

    Sand dressed pitches, also used for football, have been designed and managed in:

    amongst other locations.