• Athletics

    There are three main polymeric systems used for athletics as well as prefabricated systems and a mineral bound surface.

    The Sports Construction Consultancy has had experience of all of these over the years.

    The texture sprayed surface is the least costly in capital cost of the polymerics but needs re-coating more often and life cycle costs are greater. Projects associated with this surface have been carried out at:

    The “sandwich system” represents best long-term value for most installations. Full depth examples of this have been managed at:

    Resurfaced sandwich system tracks include:

    At Basingstoke a six lane prefabricated track was converted to eight lanes, with the prefabricated track surface removed and a new sandwich system installed. The field event layout was improved and the track floodlighting system was also replaced.

    A “solid system” resurface took place at Horsham.

    Indoor tracks, which were constructed with the solid system, have been resurfaced at Kings Lynn and Horsham.