• Project Development

    Following the feasibility phase the preferred scheme can be identified and modified to achieve the ultimate facility for the Clients’ needs.

    hockey-pitchThe designer needs to establish the sports priorities and the potential standard and intensity of play to be accommodated.

    Access, orientation, parking and other ancillary facilities need to be considered. The scheme needs to be molded to meet any relevant Governing Body guidelines if being supported by one of them. One such consideration is the need for new or upgraded changing facilities.

    If the project warrants it, in terms of scale, a formal risk register can be formulated and updated as the scheme progresses.

    Planning Services

    Integrated planning and design services are essential for successful project development. Decisions taken early in the process can have significant consequential impact on the suitability of plans, the likelihood of achieving planning permission and cost of procurement and maintenance.

    With sufficient technical back-up we aim to submit a robust planning application. This may involve taking pre-application advice from the Local Authority in a sensitive situation.

    Sports Construction - multi-use pitches

    Should specialist services be required such as in the field of an archaeological search, ecology, an arboricultural assessment, a flood risk assessment or traffic impact assessment, the Sports Construction Consultancy can commission the expertise required. In all cases the fee structure is made as transparent as possible for the Client.

    Knowledge of the Local Development Plan, the Local Authority’s Playing Pitch Strategy and also a local needs assessment can provide strong supporting evidence when making the Planning Application.

    With neighbourhood consultation, if appropriate, the aim is to provide a robust planning application to give the scheme every chance of negotiating the planning process.

    Design Services

    Design solutions that work well can be innovative but innovation can only come from an experienced background.

    The designer needs to have empathy with the sport(s) to be catered for and with the requirements of the client.

    The Sports Construction Consultancy has worked closely with the country’s leading research, testing and standards organisations and a thorough knowledge of products and constructors and of their strengths and capabilities, enables The Sports Construction Consultancy to steer the client towards the optimal solution for his/her needs.

    Drawing up a Specification

    In order to construct a facility, which is “fit for purpose”, a detailed specification of the proposed system has to be written.

    With many years experience in this challenging field the Sports Construction Consultancy is considered to be at the forefront of sports construction design.

    Drawing on in-house expertise, and supplementing this with specialist input in associated fields, specifications are thoroughly formulated and clearly set out – an important tool towards cost control.

    At any stage of the project client, customer and manager can see exactly what is required and what should be achieved.

    Tender Preparation

    Accurate and informed specification production leads to best value tenders.

    Good quality tender documentation requires a thorough working knowledge of the industry combined with a sound technical and contractual appreciation.

    At this stage the Health & Safety information pack and formal risk assessments need to be built into the documentation.

    The selection of a shortlist of technically and financially qualified constructors to carry out the work also requires in depth working experience from within the industry.

    The Sports Construction Consultancy has all these qualities and has produced tender documentation for a wide variety of clients.

    Performance Testing

    All sports are controlled by a governing body. These organisations have usually drawn up detailed standards for the performance of playing surfaces. They include both player/surface and ball/surface interaction where appropriate.

    When an installation is complete it is important that it complies with the standards issued.

    Parameters such as ball bounce, ball roll, force reduction and water permeability can be checked against the original specification to ensure that the installation complies with the performance specification.

    The Sports Construction Consultancy offers a full and comprehensive performance testing facility utilising an accredited test house who use bespoke calibrated equipment for the purpose.