• Feasibility Studies

    athletics-trackA project has to negotiate the taxi way before taking to the air.

    Particularly when third party funding is involved, a project must meet many criteria to make it acceptable. An evaluation also needs to be undertaken to assess the many physical features affecting the development of a site.

    A scheme may not achieve takeoff because ground conditions have not been properly established or a physical survey may reveal restrictions as to what can be provided. It is better to know sooner rather than later.

    Sometimes the Client may not have a realistic appreciation of the cost of his aspirations.

    The Sports Construction Consultancy has the experience to fully assimilate geotechnical and physical data with the client’s ultimate requirements to the fore of considerations.

    The personnel involved have an empathy with organisations seeking to upgrade or provide their quality of sports facility provision.

    A free of charge consultation may be offered to a potential client.

    Initial discussions will centre on the variety and standards of sports to be catered for.  A preliminary assessment can be made with regard to any re-organisation of a site layout, the orientation of the facility and any potential difficulties so far as Planning Permission is concerned.  The Sports Construction Consultancy can advise where any other specialist services may be required.

    The Sports Construction Consultancy is happy to pass on the benefits of considerable experience and knowledge of similar projects to help a client take the first steps towards achieving his ambitions in sports facility provision.

    The Company can carry out a condition assessment of clients’ facilities.  On a macro scale, layouts and configurations can be reviewed and long term plans drawn up for development and maintenance.  Budget plans can be drawn up for annual and long-term expenditure.

    At project feasibility stage, key considerations may include the need for a topographical survey, which can be in-house and also the extent of site investigation required.  Potential planning considerations may be identified such as the need for an ecological survey, an acoustic survey, a Flood Risk Assessment or the involvement of the Environment Agency.

    Most importantly, links can be established with Leisure Consultants to assist with funding bids, if required.

    If required, alternative layouts and their costings may be provided before the ultimate scheme is identified for Project Development.